Accessing and updating data in asp net inserting data

07-Jan-2017 04:06

You can also add client-side or server-side input validation to prevent malformed or malicious input.To see a similar example executed, run the Data Grid4sample in the ASP. It's not pretty, yes SQL Server would be awesome but, sometimes you just have to play ball. Edit: Anyone looking for an actual coded answer, here you are. i am newer to the developement industry..i created one html page for entering purchase details. but i don't know how to connect html page with access data base and how to insert data from html page.i am asking all of your support in this problem..please give me a suitable solution.. There are many tutorials available for connecting to Ms Access DB, manipulating data etc etc. When you want to connect to a (Access) Database that is located at serverside, you need something that runs on serverside, retrieves the data from the database and then returns some HTML that is visible in a browser. It is very easy to connect to Access databases, for simple taske you don't have to write any code, you can do it in HTML markup only. Go through this link feel free to ask anything more.. -- HTML is just a markup language that "runs" in a browser on client side. NET, which is a logical choice when you want to connect to an Access Database, you're very welcome here. It can work with the most common databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

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In this walkthrough, you will start with the This walkthrough has illustrated the basics of creating a Web page that allows users to modify data records.well I don't even know where to begin with MS Access. NET plus seems to be hand coding what Visual Studio has already done for me in a few clicks. MDB;"; Ole Db Connection conn = new Ole Db Connection(connection String); conn. Is MS Access going to be too hard for all we want to do? To String(); //Computer Name string connection String = "Provider=Microsoft. Open(); Ole Db Command cmd = new Ole Db Command(); cmd. Command Text = "INSERT INTO ticketing ([user], [comp], [issue]) VALUES (@duser, @computer, @col3)"; cmd. You can do most things in HTML markup, Visual Web Developer has wizard, who help you to create this HTML markup without the need to learn the code whoch is presented here. Ole Db; Ole Db Connection conn = new Ole Db Connection("Provider=Microsoft.

Abhi This is some example code what you could use, but you do not need togo that far. NET has also some easier ways to perform database actions, without the need of writing this kind of code.

NET), Php or something like that add namespace using System. Ole Db; Ole Db Connection conn = new Ole Db Connection("Provider=Microsoft.

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