Avg 8 not auto updating

21-May-2016 10:41

I noticed this on machines at several different locations. If everyone leaves the update time for the default PM then I can see there being problems because of the number of comps using AVG Free 8.0.

The AVG forum has many users asking what's going on, but interestingly none of the moderators have responded. At this moment, it appears to be updating ok, at least from the U. That's why, no matter what AV I'm using I always move the update time a few minutes away from the default time.

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Something over a week ago, it went all day without being able to finish an update. I'm in western Canada and have my autoupdate set for PM PDT.If you're running Vista or Windows 7, I've found Microsoft Security Essentials to be perfectly adequate.If you installed AVG today, then what you are experiencing is not an update, but rather the Cache Server.The purpose of the cache is to reduce future scan time; since the files in the cache are safe files, future scans ignore those files, and thus reduce scan time by about 50%.

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Personally, I didn't like the Cache Server function because it can automatically activate and, with the exception of the antivirus scan and update, I don't like software that has automatic activity.

I never thought to look at the programe updates which has been left ticked.