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08-Feb-2016 09:07

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If you’re a vegetarian, dining with someone who is, or just attempting a meatless Monday, navigating Chicago’s dining scene for vegetarian-friendly options can be intimidating at best and disheartening at worst.

However, I am working to get more fit through healthier eating and exercise.) This summer my siblings and I have been venturing to local vegan food establishments and I got a feeling it would be great to go to these places with a significant other. Got a clarinet and would like to, eventually, be able to blow some old jazz/swing standards. i try live each day in gratitude (and always remind myself when i am failing in that way!

And partake when we go to visit some outstanding music venues.

Great ways to have delightful nights on the town in the company of a fun and friendly group of vegetarians and vegans.

The internet, with all of its information-sharing powers, still makes me feel exposed.

Even sharing my thoughts on this blog I find daunting at times, but nevertheless I also enjoy it as a whole-hearted elephant journal supporter.I love animals, but I don't have pets anymore and I'm kind of liking that. I am a Computer Science / IT Professional and I currently work in Toronto. i have recently been working in an area that was once a hobby- reiki and massage therapy.