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She tried to clean out the pieces before the landlord could see it, but he heard the clattering and went to see what she had done this time.She studied theater in Tehran, and started her professional life with making short movies.

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As a twenty-three-year-old man explained: “In Iran, all things related to sex had a door, a closed one. I love it.” Another young man said: “Have I ever had group sex?She now lives outside of her country because of several problems she faced in Iran after a scandal she became the center of.In 2006, Ebrahimi became the centre of an Iranian sex tape scandal when a videotape of a woman, claimed to be Ebrahimi, having sex with a man was leaked to the internet and released on CD.She subsequently became the subject of an official investigation handled by Tehran's chief prosecutor, Saeed Mortazavi.

The unnamed man on the tape, who is suspected of releasing it, reportedly fled to Armenia but was subsequently returned to Iran and charged with breach of public morality laws.When Iranian American anthropologist Pardis Mahdavi first visited Tehran in the summer of 2000, she expected to encounter the Iran she grew up imagining.