Ps2 dating sim english

05-Mar-2016 08:09

is a story-based video game that is targeted towards the female market.Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male or female characters.You're starting out at a school for magic, so you choose classes to learn spells that you can cast in the dungeons.In the meantime you try to get a date for the dance at the end of the year. You're a young girl from one of three fantasy races, and you choose jobs and classes to raise different skills like cooking and creativity.Itll be harder than ever for you to change back into your male self this time, but youve got no choice: you have to find a way to return to normal before your female body becomes permanent.Although Asuka is one of the most understanding women in the world, theres no way shell stay with you as a girl -- thats just not her thing.If you've never played a dating sim, just know that there isn't much challenge, as it's more of an interactive movie than an actual video game.

Includes full game soundtrack and sample voice files (for use with your phone, in Windows, etc.) on the disc!

You are Takuya Aihara, the hero/heroine of the story.

Youve been blessed with a very interesting life: several years ago you were changed a girl through bizarre chemistry accidents, not once but twice.

Actor To Be - Another Shall We Date game, this one about aspiring actors My Sweet Prince - Another 'Shall We Date?

' game - you find a magic bracelet and have to determine which prince should be the next king? The purpose of this site is to introduce people to the world of girl-oriented anime gaming, where you play a female character and pursue one of several available beautiful boys for a romantic relationship. You might be running a country or saving the world at the same time!

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