Reformed baptist dating site

24-Sep-2016 03:50

Both Christians (so they would not be ‘unequally yoked’ as a believer and a non-believer would be, as per the Pauline teaching), both conservative Protestants, probably therefore agreement on the fundamentals certainly, but quite divergent understandings on other matters.What I get from Moore’s response (as well as from some of his readers in their thoughts), is a roundabout way of cautioning against it (in Calvin and Aimee’s particular case) without outright saying ‘no’ to it, warning that there can’t be discord in the family home, and that therefore, if there’s to be unity on spiritual matters, she has to be willing to submit to him, and go along with his tradition, more or less.I know there is a contingency of female readers who read your blog and Berkhof’s systematic theology among other things.The paradox of being an older female single in the Reformed camp.Now, by way of caveat, this may not be an “everywhere” problem.But here in the Midwest at least, we seem to love a.) getting married really young and b.) cranking out a bunch of kids (see our previous article on family idolatry, which you either loved or hated).

"If God has foreordained everything, then why should I feel any urgency to act?

But Scott's Sovereign Grace hopes to take compatibility tests to a new level, making sure that singles are on the same page theologically.

Singles who build profiles on Sovereign Grace Singles answer questions such as, " How have the Doctrines of Grace changed or affected your life? " and "Who is your favorite biblical character and why?

Yet silence still pervades the air regarding that issue in my life.

With moxie, I behest the Lord to present before me just the right Calvinistic fellow who would lead me into marriage.

" data-medium-file=" One particular search caught my eye the other day: “how to meet Reformed men.” Apparently there is at least one single Christian woman out there, looking for a man with a sound grasp of the doctrines of grace.

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