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27-Jan-2016 13:16

[Read: 13 untold sex secrets you really need to know] The psychological thrill of rough sex One of the sexier things about rough sex is how contagious it is in bed.

If you claw your lover’s back with your nails, the rage they experience will subconsciously force them to reciprocate your rough moves with their own, which can lead to a heightened sexual experience for both of you.

I've hooked up with people who are wary of rough sex because they afraid of hurting me and it can be frustrating. My husband was working late and, well, he could smell me almost the minute he walked into the bedroom. Both of them have been very busy working double shifts just to keep their house. I couldn't help but feel the moisture that was building up between my legs... Someone to wrap their arms around me and greet me to this new day they have brightened.

He absolutely LOVES it when another guy gets me hot and ready for him and I had had a LOT of fun... I want to throw my legs over them and then run their hand up...

Get comfortable because you’re about to go on a bumpy ride through the extreme / rough gay sex scenes on Gay

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He stood there staring at me and I couldn't say or do anything at first, all the was... I gave an e-mail ******* to another EP member the other night. With so many things on there mind their hasn't been much play... With my arms pinned above my head by his strong grips... I want someone next to me that I can roll over to and hold.

Of course, everything you see is completely consensual and all these intense anal fucking scenes are 100 percent non-violent, but you won’t be able to tell the difference when you’re whacking off to these wildly erotic scenes.

From fucking machines to anal insertions and bareback orgies, you never know what will happen next.

I get seriously turned on by being ****** in quite a rough manner...biting, spanking, nipple clamping, light choking, hard hair pulling, pounding into me as hard as possible..of all, my favorite thing, is being ****** from behind while one hand is pulling my hair hard & the...

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But a part of me wants it to get too rough, I don't know why really, because "too rough" doesn't feel good and isn't enjoyable, but i often fantasize about that, about a guy using me so...

Timtales is proud to introduce an exquisite Spanish newcomer. Dark skin, red pouty lips, juicy hole, and above all, horny as hell. From the director who brought you a guy getting fucked in an electric winch comes Jason Stormme's latest innovation in dungeon sex play - the Double Decker Sling Fuck.

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