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He claimed that during that time‚ he had given more speeches on corruption than he did on housing and he was regarded as a disturbance to many people.“What is the biggest thing that government can give you? He had said: ‘No son of mine should become part of a government that has just killed with riffles its own people in the manner we saw on TV.

Take a stand and leave the Cabinet.’ But quickly added‚ ‘I do not say leave the ANC.’ He repeated: ‘Leave the Cabinet.’”In the same speech‚ Sexwale questioned whether the ANC was still in good hands‚ stating that the “good‚ the loyal‚ the best in the ANC do get cast away‚ get isolated‚ humiliated‚ shouted down‚ frustrated‚ their roles become diminished‚ they become belittled‚ are called names‚ are character assassinated‚ marginalised‚ ostracised and finally made to feel unwelcome.”He said these acts were done by people “who as comrades were originally morally upright‚ dedicated‚ well trusted and committed to the struggle”.“They have now become political misfits who no longer serve the people but are self-serving‚ politically degenerate‚ morally bankrupt‚ power abusers‚ ill disciplined while disciplining others‚ rely upon fear‚ stifle debates and internal democracy from the branch‚ as base unit of the structure‚ and elsewhere.“In a word‚ they once fitted the bill of a true cadre of the ANC and are now practically political lumpens in spite of the nice-sounding sophistry of their political language to conceal their true colours.”In another part of the speech‚ he said “hard-earned tax payers’ monies have become cheaply accessible and are seen as permanent ATMs.

Lately, his name has featured regularly in the headlines because of his backing for the outspoken African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema, who was recently suspended from the party for indiscipline and, among other things, was accused of singing the banned anti-apartheid battle song Shoot the Boer and for describing South Africans of Indian heritage as “coolies”.

Like most of those living in Soweto, he was quickly politicised - hearing, aged eight, the explosions at a nearby post office that marked the beginning of the ANC’s campaign of armed resistance and sabotage against the repressive white regime.

Shortly after returning to South Africa, in the late 1970s, he was arrested and charged with terrorist offences.

Arriving at Robben Island maximum security prison, he met Nelson Mandela, who had been sent there 12 years earlier to serve part of his 27 years behind bars.

The only thing sexy about Tokyo is his bank balance.

Envy and jealousy aside, I have to give it to Nataxa. The question is, will you also seek a 70 million house, 3 million to furnish it, a new 1 million car every 5 years and a monthly maintenance of R150 000.00 just like Miss Old Geyser Judy?

They began a personal relationship and soon after his release, in 1990, they married.But when the same billionaire started sniping insults and bedroom secrets to and fro with his estranged wife – the mother of his children, the white woman he, an activist from Soweto with slim prospects in a white world, fell in love with while on Robben Island – the public began to take notice. Which is sad, for who knows how much it emotionally hurt all the others who suffer when two elephants battle. Well, you can't say the same about the next Greek tragedy that befell the country. Talk was that alongside the meltdown of the marriage, there were private jets, as was reported in the ; the Sexwales owned two. At its crest, the high stakes – there was a subplot to shore up any lagging interest in the tale.If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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In Mangaung‚ he was to go head to head against Zuma and Baleka Mbete for the top ANC position.

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